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Prompt: Still Love (Holly Brook), Fandom: CSI (all three) Apr. 15th, 2007 @ 06:39 pm
Title: It’s Still Love
Author: Me, Fi. Or fc2001
Fandom: CSI (inc. CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: New York and CSI: Miami)
Characters: Greg Sanders, Sara Sidle, Danny Messer, Lindsay Monroe, Mac Taylor, Peyton Driscoll, Calleigh Duquesne and Ryan Wolfe. (But, not necessarily in that order, I’ll leave that to you to figure out)
Prompt: “Still Love” – Holly Brook
Disclaimer: Without prejudice, the recognisable characters used herein are the property of Anthony Zuiker and CBS and a whole lot of other people with more money and power than I’ll ever have. Please don’t sue – unless you want a handful of coins and some discount vouchers that are about all I have to my name. I own nothing – not the characters I’m playing with, the house I live in, the car I drive or even the laptop I’m currently typing on, even the ownership of my beloved toaster is under negotiation currently :). I have massive student debts too, so a lawsuit would be a real waste of money.
Rating: FRT
Spoilers: Very very vague allusions to episodes up to and including CSI:NY episode 3.18 “Sleight Out Of Hand”. No spoilers for either of the other CSI shows.
Content/Warnings: Nothing. How unusual for me.
Summary: It may be complicated, dark, unrequited, unexpected or even downright terrifying but it’s still love….
Authors notes: So, I know it’s not one fic as such, it’s a series of interconnected drabbles on the same theme, so I hope it’s OK. The short format just seemed to work with the title I had somehow. Oh, and I have some of my own interpretations of the way things are on these shows, things that never were quite canon but never were quite not canon if that makes sense (particularly with reference to CSI: Miami, which is the one I know least well).

Still LoveCollapse )
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Irezumi, Firefly, Jayne/Kaylee Apr. 15th, 2007 @ 08:36 pm
Title: Irezumi
Author: Kimber Leigh
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Kaylee/Jayne
Rating: Pg-13, maybe R-ish. Mentions of sex/sexuality, but nothing too graphic.
Disclaimer: So not mine, they belong to Joss Whedon. I just like to play in his sand box from time to time :)
Archive: Just here and my writing journal
Author's Notes: Written for the Inspiration challenge v.7. My song title was “Dragonfly” and for fanfic100 prompt #63, summer. Second foray into Firefly fic. This was a bit difficult to write, but I was watching Firefly last night and inspiration hit, so I went with it. Not really beta-ed, so all mistakes are my own :)

”Irezumi”Collapse )
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Let Your Mind Go (Harry Potter, Remus/Harry) Apr. 16th, 2007 @ 04:18 am
Title: Let Your Mind Go
Author: postingwhore
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Harry
Rating: G
Summary: Neither Remus or Harry is over Sirius.
Disclaimer: JKR owns all. I am not trying to make a profit, ya.
Notes: Er, I don't have the books with me, so I apologize for any canon inaccuracies and any OOCness. :| For lycoris.

Let Your Mind GoCollapse )
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Five Things that Never Happened to Achilles (Iliad, Achilles/Patroclus) Oct. 4th, 2005 @ 12:03 am
Title: Fives Things that Never Happened to Achilles
Author: postingwhore
Fandom: Iliad
Pairing: Achilles/Patroclus
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine, yo. Not for profit, either.
Notes: Er, for fic_inspiration version 6. Horrendously late, sorry.

'Achilles is invincible.'Collapse )
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Five Things That Never Happened To...Before (ER) Sep. 1st, 2005 @ 01:48 pm
Title: Thesis On A Roommate
Author: fc2001
Fandom: ER
Pairing: Ray/Neela
Spoilers: Anything in season 11 (ER) is fair game.
Content Warning: Very slight sexual references
Rating: FRT.
Disclaimer: ER and its characters are the property of Michael Crichton, John Wells, Amblin Entertainment and Constant C Productions. No infringement intended and these characters are used within without permission. In other words, I don’t own everyone and everything you recognize. Besides, I own nothing worth having except my car (who’s 18) and a toaster, so I’d suggest not suing.

ThesisCollapse )
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Other entries
» 5 things that never happened to Alec Trevelyan (James Bond, Goldeneye)
Title: Infinite Truths, Infinite Possibilities
Author: Iolana Khenemet
Rating: MA (R - NC-17)
Fandom: James Bond (Goldeneye)
Pairing: 006/007 in last part
Summary: Five things that never happened to Alec Trevelyan
Warnings: adult themes
Feedback: yes
Betas: none yet
Disclaimer: James Bond is the creation of Ian Fleming. The characters in the story are the property of Ian Fleming and the filming companies that produce Bond Films (United Artists, MGM, Eon). No copyright infringement intended. No profit is gained by this work.

Infinite Truths,Infinite PossibilitiesCollapse )
» Five Things That Could Have Happened When We Kissed
Title: Five Things That Could Have Happened When We Kissed
Author: jenish
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings; Harry Potter; Lost; Firefly; Lotrips
Pairings: Diamond/Estella; Remus/Sirius; Shannon/Claire; Kaylee/Mal/Inara; Billy/Dom
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,154
Disclaimer: I do not own the fictional characters nor real persons these characters are based on. This is fanfiction, it never happened, I make no money whatsoever out of it, it’s just for fun.
Notes: Smooches to danachan for the title and the basic idea, and tortugax and ckdutchess for prodding my brain ♥

LotR - Diamond/EstellaCollapse )

HP - Remus/SiriusCollapse )

Lost - Shannon/ClaireCollapse )

Firefly - Kaylee/Mal/InaraCollapse )

Lotrips - Billy/DomCollapse )

» v.6 Five Things Challenge: Charlie Pace (Lost)
Title: Five Things That Never Happened to Charlie Pace
Fandom: Lost
Rating: PG-13 for language and themes
Warnings: angst, grief, heroin withdrawal, death (not Charlie)
Disclaimer: None of this is real, I don't own Charlie, didn't create him, etc.
Notes: Written for the fic_inspiration v.6 Five Things challenge. Thanks to gdye_trauda for looking at it and picking at the Catholic bits, as I know nothing about Catholicism.

Five Things That Never Happened to Charlie Pace
» 5 Things that Never Happened
I hope I may be forgiven for posting this a few days early, but as I fully expect to be without power/cable sometime within the next 6 to 24 hours, and for that to last for a few days at least, I thought it would be better to be a bit early than risk not being able to post it at all.

So, anyway

» The Window On the West
The Window on the West
Fandom: Rent
Pairing: Roger/Mimi, Roger’s POV
Setting: After “Another Day”, Mark and Roger’s apartment
Rating: PG for language
Disclaimer: I don’t own them; I just like to toy with their fictional emotions sometimes

For those who haven't seen the show, Roger and Mimi both have AIDS, only they don't know about the other. Mimi is Roger's neighbor, and has just come by the apartment declaring her need to go out and requesting Roger come with her. He turns her down, basically telling her she knows nothing about life because she's too young, and she tells him to live for no day but today.

My first Rent fic...constructive criticism only, please!Collapse )

Sorry it's late, but it's been a crazy few weeks. Besides which, it's a perfect time to post this, as today is the anniversary of Jonathan Larson's death. RIP, Jonathan...No Day But Today.

Cross-posted to my personal journal.
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