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Welcome to 'Inspiration', a multi-fandom challenge community!

Once upon a time, there was a fanfic author named shirasade, who enjoyed creating challenges. She ran two pretty successful challenges in her own fic journal, shirasade_fic, and had so much fun in the process she decided to give any future challenges their own community, on top of the already existing website. Since all authors seem to come from LJ, that seemed easier.

But enough of the past, on to the future! :)

Please read this guidelines before joining!

1. Timeframe: Challenges will be posted roughly once every two months, giving an outline of this month's prompt, the sign-up period (about a week from posting the challenge) and the deadline for the fic (about two weeks after the end of sign-ups).

2. Participation: Anyone interested can sign-up by either commenting to the challenge post or emailing the mod (email addy to the right). All participants are required to join the community and friend it, so they can receive reminders of deadlines and such. Non-participants are welcome to join and/or friend the community as well, of course.

3. Fandom choice: Writers don't have to decide on a fandom in advance, they can wait for their prompt and then see what it inspires. Gen, slash or het, character or real persons - all is welcome here! Stories should at least be 500 words, if possible. There will be a masterlist of all authors and their prompts, should you lose it.

4. Posting guidelines: Once the fic is finished, the writers post to it the community, where it will remain in the queue until the day after the deadline. By posting in the community, you agree to your fic being linked to on the website as well. If you don't have an LJ and would like to play, just send your story or a link to it to the mod for posting. I'd appreciate it if all participants could make sure their posts follow these guidelines:
  • Subject line contains at least your prompt and maybe the fandom you've chosen.
  • Make sure to mention any necessary warnings (squick, death!fic, etc), as well as pairing and rating of your story.
  • Use a cut tag for your story.
  • If it's a multi-chapter WIP, be sure to add links to the following chapters once you post those in your journal.

All posts will be approved by the mod on the day following the deadline. Once they have been approved, entries can be edited by their author. Writers are free to link to them from their own journals or other communities after that. Anyone can comment and leave feedback - but no flames are permitted!

5. Masterlist: There will be a masterlist of all fic submitted, sorted by fandom, both in the community and on the website. Also, all challenge stories are sorted by fandom in the community memories.

6. Late entries: Late entries are welcome, but writers are asked to inform the mod about the delay. Same goes if a writer has to drop out for some reason.

8. Remember: Any and all fandoms and genres are welcome! Also, once you have joined, you are not required to participate in every challenge, just in the ones you're interested in.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact shirasade. And if you'd like to link to the community or the website, you can use this button:
Please upload it to your own webspace and link it to http://fandomish.net/inspiration or http://www.livejournal.com/community/fic_inspiration.

Sister communities: rarelitslash

Let me know if you'd like to affiliate with your challenge or fanfiction community/journal/site.